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The purpose of this website is for me to share with you public evidence, real life examples, and personal stories to support what I believe must be done if we ever hope to create real, positive, and lasting change in Arizona’s K-12 Public Education.

What are the results of the past 30+ years effort and expense?

According to Education Week’s 2016 Quality Counts report, Arizona’s schools are the 7th worst in the country and received a D+ for the overall state of its schools.

Truth be told, there’s no-body to blame for our current lack of success; yet: every-body who encounters this website, including you, must become involved by taking action to share this unique and ground-breaking information with loved ones, family members, friends, politicians, teachers, and students.

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Mandatory Civics Test

Arizona’s New Mandatory Civics Test

During your K-12 Education, did anybody teach you even 1 method, technique, or strategy for memorizing all the information that you were required to remember to pass tests?

Of course not!  And that’s why this website is specifically for you.

It’s extremely important that you pick-up that dropped-stitch since, uniquely, The Method for Memorizing is also The Method for Creating, which involves these three major elements: VISION – CURRENT REALITY – ACTION!

The goal of this website is to convince you to purchase, read, practice, and master the information that’s in these two books for your education success and your career success:

– Super Memory, Super Student by Harry Lorayne
– Your Life as Art by Robert Fritz

It’s my greatest hope that you’ll choose to learn How-To-Memorize and How-To-Create so that together we can create real, positive, and lasting change in America’s K-12 Public Education and America’s economySincerely, Russell Warren Kukla

“By what method?  Only the method counts.
– W. Edwards Deming(October 4th, 1900 – December 20th, 1993)

America’s Founding Father of Total Quality Management (TQM)

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by Brian on Create K12 Change

"When I was approached to hear about a new way of learning about memorizing and creating I was surprised to see how much my perspective changed. I assumed it would sound like what I've heard many times before over the course of my life but it wasn't! Russell completely changed the way I thought about what I was taught. I finally knew why our education system was so ineffective and that there is a way to solve these problems in a different and much more effective way. I highly recommend people listen to Russell and take into account the methods for memorizing and creating. He offers a fresh perspective on our broken system and also a creative solution. I highly recommend Russell's book, Why School Sucks because he shows how simple it is to solve what seems to be un-solveable and un-fixable." - Brian

by Kris Kukla on Create K12 Change

Excellent intro! Good job Brother - forge ahead....