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Daily, What’s A Best Way To Clear Our Vision?

Unknowingly, because at a very early age we were told What To Think prior to learning How To Think, each morning we put on 1 pair of Rote Memory eyeglasses and 1 pair of Problem Solving eyeglasses. So what’s the very best way to shed both so we can start each day with a clear Vision? […]

My Review of Robert Fritz’s Webinar

Sunday August 28th @ 3 PM MDT Robert Fritz and is son, Ivan shared a live webinar about creating, Principles vs. Practice and Robert also took questions form participants. I must be truthful with you, as usual Robert delivered a solid overview and also as usual participants provided a sub par interaction which revealed a lack […]

Tony Robbins’ Quotes About Solving Problems

Quote Contest Prize: Full 60-Minute Therapeutic Massage to 1st person who sends to me Tony’s quote similar to: “Sometimes I think it’s my job is to help people to get to their next problem to be solved.” (?) – Tony Robbins I was pleasantly surprised to find this quote by Tony:  “The biggest problem is people […]

We Can Make America Great Again!?

Wednesday night, after I witnessed the Presidential Debate, I was in a terrible mood. I know who I’m going to vote for. Do you know who you’re going to vote for? Is there a remote possibility that Hillary or Donald will have any affect on creating real, positive, and lasting change in America? From my […]

You Have A Vision?

I’m so glad I was able to find this video by Vista Print on YouTube.  They have several ads with the statement, “You have a vision.” So, preciously when and where did you first learn about the significance and importance of Vision? During your K-12 Education? Not! Please listen to the specific and powerful words: […]

Student Postcard

I’m in the process of creating this double sided postcard for students, teenagers, children. I’ll be changing the group message key words to: Memorize and Create. Eye catching? Readable? Understandable? Encourages you to take action?! I’m not sure if it’s possible to create 1 postcard that says it all so this postcard still might need a personal […]

The Perfect Number is 2 to Prevent Babies from Drowning!

On Saturday, August 27th @ 11:01 PM I and my wife, Terrell Lynn celebrated the birth of our 15th grandchild, Joshua Michael Finch.  What my most favorite activity? My favorite activity is to spend family time with our children and grandchildren and my primary goal is to do much more of that. Several weeks ago I […]

Only The Method Matters for Memory Capacity!

Just in case you did not receive or review our newsletter or blog post from earlier this week: USA SNAPSHOTS: How Many Photos on your phone? Smartphone users have on average 389 photos on their device. (If you would like to read and comment Click Here!)     So what’s the point to be understood? In 1986 […]

USA SNAPSHOTS: How Many Photos on your phone?

Dear Friend, Last night I thought of a contest that might be kind of fun, slightly educational, and hopefully help me to better understand my relationship with you. In what way you say? In my heart of hearts I want to share with you, in a very practical way, my passion, experience, and success with […]

Teacher shortage linked to changes at workplace

Excerpt shows up where when I add to the Teacher shortage post?