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Daily, What’s A Best Way To Clear Our Vision?

Unknowingly, because at a very early age we were told What To Think prior to learning How To Think, each morning we put on 1 pair of Rote Memory eyeglasses and 1 pair of Problem Solving eyeglasses.

So what’s the very best way to shed both so we can start each day with a clear Vision?

By adhering to 1 of 5 principles for a True Method for Memorizing and a True Method for Creating:

[ Always have a place to go. ]

Daily, what's the best way to shed Rote Memory and Problem Solving eye glasses?

Posted by Russell Warren Kukla on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Daily, what would you recommend as the best time to participate in 5-Minute Facebook Live to learn 1 Proven, Dependable, and Repeatable Method for both Memorizing and Creating?

As I explain in the video, I believe the best time is 10 PM Arizona.

Please email me your recommendation. Warmest Regards,

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