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USA SNAPSHOTS: How Many Photos on your phone?

Dear Friend, Last night I thought of a contest that might be kind of fun, slightly educational, and hopefully help me to better understand my relationship with you. In what way you say?

In my heart of hearts I want to share with you, in a very practical way, my passion, experience, and success with Creating, as taught to me by Robert Fritz. Why? Because that’s what I love to do and that’s what I love to talk about! So where do we start?

Since we do not really know each other I wanted to find a way to prove, in an impersonal way, that I have something to offer you as it pertains to your future success as a Creator.

At first this article seemed interesting but not of any great value: USA SNAPSHOTS: How Many Photos on your phone? Smartphone users have on average 389 photos on their device. And then it hit me. For the last few week I’ve been trying my best to squeeze just a few more photos onto my Samsung Note 3. Specifically, the photos on our cell phones are the true story of where we focus our attention.

Russell's Photo Gallary

I have 2,661 photos on my 1 device and, by God’s grace and all glory to my incredible wife, Terrell Lynn the majority are photos of family, children, and grandchildren.

So, when compared to USA SNAPSHOTS average person does that mean I’m 6.8637 above average? (2,661 divided by 389 = 6.840) How about you?

If you can top 2,670 photos on your 1 device send me a screen shot so we can verify.

GOLD: Full 90-Minute Massage of Your Choice. SILVER: Full 60-Minute Massage of Your Choice. BRONZE: Honorable mention. Deadline for submission is August 15th @ 9:00 AM.

Also, on my Hp laptop I have 9,866 files (15.1 GB). And, I’ve been a student of the same business/self-help author, Robert Fritz for approximately 7,720 days. Those 3 categories add up to 20,256.

If you have less than that number for those same 3 categories then I hope you look forward to learning about Creating from me. If you have more than that number for those same 3 categories then someday I hope I may learn from you.

BONUS: Be the 1st to email me the answer to this question and you will receive 30-Minutes added to your next Therapeutic Massage or Organic Spa Facial: What’s the memory capacity of one 3.5″ floppy disc?
WINNER: Chris W. @ 10:56 AM: 1.44 mb

The Best of Health to You and Yours, Russell Warren Kukla
PS: Contest rules subject to change @ anytime!

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