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by Issac S. on Create K12 Change

"I believe this new understanding for memorizing and creating is very essential for America's future success. It's like a small seed that needs to be given proper care in order to grow and branch out into something larger. I believe these two areas of study will have America's education system running much more efficiently, producing a higher out-put of able bodied Americans that will produce the change and the innovation we need to put America in front, leading other nations. It all starts with young Americans being trained properly to succeed, which is very possible if they take the tools from Russell's book and apply them." - Issac S.

by David B. Schroeder on Create K12 Change

Author Russell Kukla presents fresh ideas for how to rejuvenate and reinvigorate America's failing public school system. In his book, Why School Sucks he goes to great lengths to explain how failed teaching methods employed during the last 3 centuries, such as "rote memory" and other archaic ideas, continue to stagnate the learning processes in current academia. I firmly believe that Russell's suggestions would improve scholastic scores exponentially across the board and increase college enrollment as well. I found his book well worth reading and hope it will generate enough interest to change the tide of public education's current direction and, at the very least, encourage every home school parent to consider Russell's unique and revolutionary ideas. To Mr Kulka's and all of humanity's education success and well being. - David B. Schroeder

by Shiena on Create K12 Change

I met Russell serendipitously at Starbucks. I'm a student at Arizona State University, taking 7 classes, and I'm having anxiety about the incoming information overload. He introduced me to Robert Fritz's book, Your Life as Art in harmony with Harry Lorayne's book, Super Memory, Super Student. Russell shared the philosophy of those 2 books as they relate to his book for changing the K-12 education paradigm by helping students and adults understand the importance of learning 1 method for memorizing and creating. He lead me on a quest to help me with my own education journey, which I am grateful for. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask for his autograph. Thank you Russell, for the insights!

by Gayle G. on Create K12 Change

I've known Russell for almost 20 years. When we reconnected a few months ago, he shared with me what he's been working on and I immediately connected with the book title, Why School Sucks. Russell's research into what works by noted authors screams for a change in our approach to K-12 Public Education. If these changes, that Russell proposes, are not accepted, I truly fear America will soon fall into a second or third world nation. As proof, see the movie, Waiting for Superman. I do believe that the methods, techniques, and strategies for memorizing and creating will open up children's true potential; because: their minds will be focused and directed. - Gayle G.

by Lisa B. on Create K12 Change

Russell, Reading your pre-book was very inspiring. Throughout all of my school years, 1st grade through 12th grade, I had a difficult time feeling connected with the learning material. Even as a child, I felt something was off with how we were taught. I always wondered why we were not taught how to learn our lessons along with what to learn. I'm very glad that you are making the effort and taking the time to write a book on this subject. I look forward to reading your completed book. - Lisa B.

by Ethan Ridder on Create K12 Change
Right On Target

This book is appropriate for all adults and all teenagers to read. Russell, you are articulating exactly what is required to establish the foundation for building structured learning. Very well organized and easy to understand, this book would do wonders in any classroom. Having this book as a foundation for teachers to build upon, especially when teaching younger children, is critical for America's K-12 Public Education to achieve a new level of success. Memorize. Create. - Ethan R.

by Ty Olatoye on Create K12 Change

Russell, You are awesome and your vision about changing education is a very, very big dream and I love that - in fact I subscribe to it in totality. I honestly care about your message about memorizing and creating and why our schools must change. I will help you create that change! - Ty Olatoye

by Bob K. on Create K12 Change

Russell, I very well remember meeting you back in August. I was planning on getting a quick Latte, however it turned out to be much more than that. We started talking and you explained the issues around the current education system and the challenges that we are facing. This was a real eye opener for me and the statistics say it all. Some big changes are required in order to get the system back on track. Your recommendations to provide our youth better tools to improve their Memory and Life-skills might well be the solution that we have been looking for for so long. Russell, you truly know how to inspire people and we need people like you to give our young people the opportunities they so deserve. - Bob K.

by Karina on Create K12 Change

Excellent Book! I loved it! Would definitely recommend to others!