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My Review of Robert Fritz’s Webinar

Sunday August 28th @ 3 PM MDT Robert Fritz and is son, Ivan shared a live webinar about creating, Principles vs. Practice and Robert also took questions form participants.

I must be truthful with you, as usual Robert delivered a solid overview and also as usual participants provided a sub par interaction which revealed a lack of real understanding.

Starting today, my goal is to create 1 Facebook Live per day because I simply love to share about 1 Proven, Dependable, and Repeatable method for Memorizing & Creating!

I’m a much better speaking than I am a writer and speaking consumes less time.

Is there a best time when you would be available for participate in Facebook Live?

If you’d like to Receive Reminder Text 1-Hour Prior, text Creating to 760-670-3130
I hope you choose to participate so I can continue to refine my FB Live presentations!

Warmest Regards, Russell

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