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Only The Method Matters for Memory Capacity!

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    So what’s the point to be understood? In 1986 it was considered a technology break-through for one 3.5″ diskette to hold 1.4 mega-bites of data. Today, the average photo on my Samsung Note 3 is 4MP. Soon, I’ll be purchasing Samsung’s Note 7 which includes a 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera so, on average, one 8MP photo would require 6 high-density diskettes for memory capacity!

    Would you consider that an incredible advancement in technology with huge benefits?

    Now, contrast that with the memory capacity of today’s K-12 students.

   In over 30 years, since I attended K-12 Public Education in Wisconsin where I greatly struggled to remember all the information I was required to remember to pass tests so I could move on to the next grade, there’s been 0 advancement in a student’s capacity to store information for later recall to pass tests. That’s 1 of the 2 major points of CreateK12Change

    To create real change in America this is where we begin: Students must learn How-To-Memorize before they try their very best to memorize. Students must learn How-To-Create before they try their very best to create. “Only the method matters.” – W. Edwards Deming

BRONZE: Jennifer L. 3,883 SILVER: Cheryl J. 5,530  GOLD: April K. 6,384 photos! I’m quite sure we can learn something from all 3 ladies! And from Chris: Floppy is 1.44mb.

    Currently, I use iDrive to backup my precious photos. April uses GooglePhotos. What do you use?!

    A comment from you would be greatly appreciated. – Russell

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