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Your Life as Art


09-30-16 Your Life As Art The basic concept for this book is in the title. You can create your life in the same way an artist develops a work of art.  When you begin to approach your life from that orientation, you transform your world. You become more directly involved in your own life building process, you create more of what you truly want, and you broaden the quality of your life experience. You can conceive of the life you want to bring into being as an artist conceives of a painting, take strategic actions to build such a life as the artist takes all the necessary actions to create the painting, and inhabit the life you want to create as the artist may hang the painting on a wall to experience it. Expressed another way, you can be the playwright, and also the lead actor, and also the audience for your own life play. Your life can be your work, and you can be its author. And, like the artist, writer, playwright, filmmaker, and composer, the creative process can be your operational practice.

09-31-2016 The Creative Process The arts are a product of the creative process, which is the most successful process for accomplishment in history. And yet, most of us have not learned the fundamentals of the creative process, let alone mastered it enough to have it be the modus operandi for our lives. But it makes sense to use the most effective approach there is. And that’s what this book explores: how to use the creative process as the major modus operandi for your life. You will learn how to think about what you want to create. You will learn how to understand your starting point, and how to create energy and momentum to use in the journey. You will learn how to learn–from your mistakes and successes, from your experiences and the experiences of others. You will learn how to bring more of your life-spirit into your life. You will learn about time, about choice and about focus and about involvement. You will learn about using your own personal rhythms and patterns. You will learn the basics of the creative process that include the mechanics, the orientation, and the spirit. You will have a chance to soul search, make critical life decisions, and evaluate yourself objectively and productively. Lessons from the Arts Ever since prehistoric people lived in caves and decorated their walls with paintings, the creative process has been an essential characteristic of human nature. Many say it is one of the elements of our nature that makes us human. Neanderthal man and early modern humans lived during the same prehistoric period. In the debate anthropologists are having about the relationship between Neanderthal man and early modern humans, one of the differences that species experts cite as a point of distinction is art. The earliest Homo sapiens made art. Neanderthal man did not.